Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

LOVE Easter. It's such a nostalgic holiday for me. The easter egg hunts, the chocolate, the egg decorating, the easter baskets. I love it all. I remember as a child always loving the anticipation of finding my easter basket. The Easter Bunny would always hide our baskets filled with all kinds of yummy goodies. My kids were so excited for Easter this year. Ryan began asking about it almost 2 months ago.

"How much longer until Easter, Mom?"

"7 weeks, Ryan." I'd tell him. 

"7 days?!" 

"No, 49 days. There are 7 days in 1 week." He's four and still trying to understand time relationships.

We did this every few days until finally I could tell him that it was finally time to celebrate.

All the cousins on my side of the family at our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

This was the first year since I became a mom that I didn't buy Easter outfits for all my kids. I just kept putting it off until every thing was picked over and there was no time left to go shopping. I have to admit, I didn't mind the savings, but had a little anxiety on Sunday when they wore Church clothes they already had. I know that sounds a little silly, but I always take their picture in our front yard on Easter morning in their new outfits. 

Here is this year's picture taken by my sweet and helpful husband. I was the last to get ready and was frantically doing my hair and getting dressed 5 minutes before we were supposed to be at Church. Sadly, I am also sick and had to pull it together to sing in the Easter program choir.

Olivia and Ella got a hula hoop. The kids and Travis had a competition to see who could hula the longest. Travis hulaed for over 4 minutes straight and won. I was completely impressed.

On Saturday morning we had a Williams Family Easter breakfast at the park. What do ya know, it was a soggy, wet mess of a morning. Grampa Williams improvised extremely well and brought toys for the kids to play with under the ramada. Everyone had a great time.

The cousins playing with magnetic toys, building all kinds of fun stuff.

Uncle Morgan getting breakfast set up while a freezing cold Ella waits anxiously.

Ryan looking oh, so happy, waiting for a hot breakfast. Look at those puppy dog brown eyes. No wonder he gets nearly everything he wants!

Uncle Cameron frying up some bacon with a little theatrical affect!

Olivia having a moment with Grampa Williams. I love to see this.

Later that day.............The Adams Family Easter party.

My mom with baby Ivy and my brother-in-law, Christian, with his little pumpkin, Paisley. My mom had foot surgery on Thursday and has a pin sticking out of her toe for the next 5 weeks. It's gruesome! She is such a great sport.

Dad made a jacket run. Everyone was freezing and unprepared.

Josh and Presley swingin'.

Olivia and her favorite, cousin, Sam. 

Baby Ivy is 3 months old and an absolute doll, always full of smiles.

Christian and my cousin's husband, Eric.

My cousin, April with her cute little Savannah.

Emily and Paisley, gansta-style. 

Ryan on the Easter egg hunt. He loved every minute of this!

Ethan and Ella having the best time ever.......why does candy make everyone so deliriously happy? Oh, I know, because it's so delicious!
It was a fun-filled weekend and even bad weather didn't keep us from having a great time. 
We played games, ate yummy food and enjoyed the company of all those special people we love so much.

Travis and I took all the kids to the Easter Pageant for the first time this year. It was a spectacular show and I loved every minute of it. I love how it so succinctly and powerfully, portrayed the life of Jesus Christ. I don't know how anyone watching could deny the truthfulness of his role as Savior of the world. I felt that witness as I watched the pageant. My kids were fascinated by the show and continually asked questions. Travis patiently answered them while holding our 3 youngest kids on his lap. I have attended the Pageant for the past 20 something years and it continues to touch my heart and strengthen my testimony of Jesus Christ.